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About Us

Current owner Beth Yoder

How it's going 

November 1st, 2021

In fall of 2021, Beth Yoder from traverse city bought Ebb Tide resale shop, Beth had previously worked part time at Ebb tide resale in 2013. and was a long time friend of Diane Eagle. Beth has continued the consignment process as before.

Previous Owner Diane Eagle

25 years in business! 

November 1996 

Eddie Brown passed on the shop to her daughter Diane Eagle in 1996. Diane owned and managed the shop for over 25 years. With the help of her sister Deanna Davis. 

Founder of Ebb Tide resale shop Eddie Brown

How it started

November 1992

Ebb tide consignment and resale shop starting out in 1992. Eddie Brown starting the shop.

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