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Consigment Process

 Consignment Items are accepted:  Monday through Saturday from 10am to 5pm. 

We accept men/woman's clothing, small households' items, bedding, purses, Jewelry, and shoes.


All clothing items must be in good condition, cleaned and folded. we prefer clothing items to be dropped off in boxes or bags.

We do not accept items with any items that are damaged or stained. any item not accepted by Ebb tide for consignment will be donated to local church.

We NOT DO accept Furniture or  kids items. books, DVDs, and CD's are accepted on a donation bases only. 

Summer items (Shorts, tank-tops, sandals, etc.) are accepted March-August.'

Winter items (snow-pants, coats, heavy sweaters, etc.) are accepted September - February 

Any holiday/seasonal items (Decor/clothing/accessories) are accepted 3 months prior to the season/holiday.

Example: Christmas Items are accepted from 9.25 through 12.25.  Some items may be advertised online. 


Ebb tide  does their absolute best to protect all your items but cannot be responsible for lost, damaged or stolen items. 

Items are tagged and placed on the racks/shelves for 60 days. the said 60 days starts once the items are tagged.

consigners earn 40% of every item sold during the 60 day period.  

After 60 days items can be picked up by the consigner, Ebb tide does not pull items.

any items not picked up by the consigner at said 60 days are without further notice considered donated to the store.

Ebb tide Prefers to pay you in person at the end of the 60 day contract or can be used as in store credit at anytime.

 checks can be mailed upon request.

Thank you to all our wonderful consigners.

It is a pleasure doing business with You.



Step 1

Bring in your items to Ebb tide consignment shop, No appointment is required. We prefer clothing items are clean, folded and in boxes or bags. household items should be clean. all electronics should be tested and in working condition. 

Step 2

We will create you and account, Sort, price and display Your items. All items are on display for 60 days from the date it was tagged. Consigner earns 40% of every item that sells in the 60 day period. 

Step 3

 After  60 days any items you wish to retrieve must be picked up by the consigner otherwise, Ebb Tide will consider them donated to the store. We prefer to pay you in person at the end of your 60 days contract or we can mail you a check upon request.

What our consigners are saying

I dropped off a bag of clothes. the staff was super friendly and organized, I was great to return after the 60 days and receive a check for the items at sold. Great way to make some extra cash!!

Posted by Hannah December 2021

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