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Consigment Process

 Consignment Items are accepted: 

 Monday through Saturday from 10a to 5pm. 

 bring in your items at your convenience. no appointment necessary.

We accept men/womans clothing, small households' items, bedding, purses, Jewlery, and shoes,  All items should be in good condition, clean with no damage. there is no limit on amount of items,

We NOT DO accept Furniture or  kids items. any off season Items may not be displayed right away. 

  Some items may be advertised online. All Items are tagged and placed on the racks for 60 days. consigners earn 40% of selling price. After 60 days items can be picked up by the consigner or they are considered donated to the store.

Checks are available at $20 or end of 60-day consignment 

We do not gather your items at the end of your consignment 

Ebb tide is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

Step 1

Bring in your items to ebb tide resale shop, there is no limit on Amont of items. our staff will ensure your items are property labeled with your name. 

Step 2

We will sort your items and inform you if there is anything we are not able to sell, we will price and tag your items, place them on display and allow 60 days for them to sell. you will earn 40% of the selling price

Step 3

After your items have been priced, tagged and displayed for 60 days. you item will be consider expired. at this time, you are able to come pick up your items. otherwise, we will consider them donated to the store.

What our consigners are saying

I dropped off a bag of clothes. the staff was super friendly and organized, I was great to return after the 60 days and receive a check for the items at sold. Great way to make some extra cash!!

Posted by Hannah December 2021

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